Senior reflections

The biggest lie I tell myself is … “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.”
Wouldn’t it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes; come out wrinkle-free and three sizes smaller!
Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators. We haven’t met yet!
I don’t trip over things, I […]

Quote of the Day — Mandy Hale

“Don’t waste words on people who deserve your […]

Quote of the Day — Thomas Sowell

“Of course everything “works” by sufficiently low standards, and everything “fails” by sufficiently high standards.”

From: The […]

Quote of the Day — Neils Bohr

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

From: The […]

Quote of the Day — Socrates

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

From: association for […]

Quote of the Day

“Common sense is not a gift, it’s a punishment. Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have […]

Quote of the Day — William Blake

“You never know what is enough unless you know what is more […]

47 Things You Can Do To Make Your Life Simple

Talk with each other, don’t guess what others’ thinking.
Be friendly to people around you, wearing a smile can change your day.
Treasure the friendships you have, you don’t need to be friends with everyone.
Hang out with positive people who can boost your energy.
Ask questions if there’s something you’re not sure about.
Follow what your heart tells you.
Accept things […]

Quote of the Day — Josh Billings

“There are two kinds of fools: those who can’t change their opinions and those who […]

Quote of the Day — Bill Cosby

“A word to the wise ain’t necessary–it’s the stupid ones that need […]

33 Unwritten Rules of Management

Learn to say, “I don’t know.” If used when appropriate, it will be often.
It is easier to get into something than it is to get out of it.
If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much.
Look for what is missing. Many know how to improve what’s there, but few can see what isn’t there.
Viewgraph […]

Quote of the Day

While you are out pursuing your dreams, take a moment to consider how you are messing up […]

Quote – John Wooden

“It is what you learn after you know it all […]

Quote – Douglas Adams

Experience is where you say to yourself, “You see that thing you just did there? Don’t […]

Quote – Eleanor Roosevelt

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them […]