5 Reasons to Run Sample Size Calculations Before Collecting Data

Most of us run sample size calculations when a granting agency or committee requires it.  That’s reason 1.

That is a very good reason.  But there are others, and it can be helpful to keep these in mind when you’re tempted to skip this step or are grumbling through the calculations you’re required to do.

It’s easy to base your […]

Benford’s Law

The probability of any first significant digit n occurring in a dataset is:

From: Amazing Applications of Probability […]

Free Video Courses on R, Structural Equation Modelling, Causal Inference, and Regression from Uni Jena


The Department of Methodology and Evaluation Research at Universität Jena has made available a set of free online video courses on data analysis. They cover topics that are particularly relevant to psychology and social science researchers, including SEM, causal inference, regression, R, and psychometrics. Some courses are in German, but many are in English, and the […]

Quote – Sid Winter

Our near-exclusive focus on statistical significance has distracted us from the main task of scientific explanation: the determination of cause […]