Five Easy Pieces

Remember risk management has five easy pieces:

Hope is not a strategy
No single point estimate of cost or schedule can be correct without knowing the variance
Cost, Schedule, and Technical Performance are inseparable (this is the REAL Iron Triangle)
Risk management requires adherence to a well defined process
Communication is the Number One success factor in Risk Management

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Project Management Books

Project Management Books

Glen Alleman has an interesting list of project management reading that is especially appropriate for anyone involved with the management of DoD projects. I have read most of the books he recommends, and agree with his choices.

I also agree with Glen’s comments regarding the (mis)use of […]

Project Issues List

ProjectSteps: Another Project Goes Live

As many of you know I manage IT projects. While I don’t work in an IT department, I still have to manage many of the issues that involve technology. One of the challenges I have had with my current project is getting everybody to agree on and put status updates to the […]

Dumb questions are good project controls

Top 10 Dumb Project Management Questions

Are you ready? To ask dumb questions? Good. Your project team, your client and your firm need that from you. Protection is not guaranteed. You do this at your own risk. But believe me, you will sleep better as […]