Free Video Courses on R, Structural Equation Modelling, Causal Inference, and Regression from Uni Jena


The Department of Methodology and Evaluation Research at Universit√§t Jena has made available a set of free online video courses on data analysis. They cover topics that are particularly relevant to psychology and social science researchers, including SEM, causal inference, regression, R, and psychometrics. Some courses are in German, but many are in English, and the […]

Statistics Resources for Social and Behavioural Sciences: SPSS, R, Maths, and Writing

Here is a newly discovered blog with lots of useful articles about practical statistics.


Getting Started: General advice on statistics for a thesis
Preliminaries: Normality and transformations
Scales: Scale construction; Scale construction for psychological tests; Computing Ability Scales; Checking for accuracy; Multiple choice tests; Scoring a multiple choice test in SPSS
Mediation: Getting Started; Issues with causal inference
Correlations: two […]

R Tutorial Series

Below is a categorized list of the articles currently offered in the R Tutorial Series.

Introduction to R

Part 1
Part 2

Descriptive Statistics

Summary and Descriptive Statistics

Data Visualization



Zero-Order Correlations


Simple Linear Regression
Multiple Linear Regression
Regression Assumptions
Regression with Interaction Variables
Regression with Categorical Variables
Polynomial Regression


Hierarchical Linear Modeling



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