Quote of the Day — Seth Godin

“Polished perfect isn’t better than perfect, it’s merely shinier. And late.”

From: […]

Are We Done Yet? Program Hand-Off and Closure

Programs can often span many years from start to finish.  Completion for a program manager takes many levels and many forms.  When you think about it, there are four possible program closure scenarios you may need to address as a program manager.  Two of the scenarios are pretty good things and the other two address premature termination of […]

Quote of the Day — Peter F. Drucker

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done […]

Project Controls is the Basis of Project Management

Here are 11 activities that contribute to that goal [planning work and controlling cost] on the non-technical side of the project. The odd numbering system will be revealed at the end

1. Define the deliverables – what does the customer want? Do we know this at a level of detail so we and the customer will recognize it when it […]

Quote — H. L. Mencken

“For every complex problem there is a solution that is simple, neat […]

Guidelines for Writing Summaries

Read the passage carefully. Determine its structure. Identify the author’s purpose in writing. Make a note in the margin when you get confused, or when you think something is important.

Reread. This time divide the passage into sections or stages of thought. The author’s use of paragraphing will often be a useful guide. Label, on the passage […]

A Process Framework for Increasing the Probability of Project Success

A Process Framework for Increasing the Probability of Project Success

The processes needed to increase the probability of a project’s success include:

The cost estimates for the project and the basis of estimate for those costs. The customer wants to know how much the product or service will cost
A Work Breakdown Structure describing the products and their components […]

Quote – Glen Alleman

People, Processes, and Technology

Want to find the way to increase the probability of a project’s success? It’s not the tools – it’s the people.

I am currently working on a proposal response for a DoD agency RFP. I have been staring at this quote written on my whiteboard for almost two months. I believe it zeros right […]

Tools for Project Success

Let’s Have an Honest Conversation About PM 2.0

From a April 2009, Defense Acquisition University (people who know some things about project management) “Insight Days” conference, there are 5 core “tools” needed for program success:

Earned Value performance measurement used to measure physical percent complete
Risk Management and the Risk Matrices for each deliverables
A Work Breakdown Structure to describe […]

End of project questions

ProjectSteps: End of Project Review/Audit Questions

Project Audit Questions

The project audit questions are broken into four topic categories: project management practice, critical incidents, project results and suggestions for the future. These questions cover the major categories of importance for most projects. However, if for a particular project an important category is missed, additional questions can be proposed […]

Key Sentences

Research as a Second Language

Tara Gray’s Publish and Flourish performs one of its essential ideas in its table of contents. If we restate the subtitle as a question, the section headings, taken together, constitute the answer, and the chapter titles constitute its elaboration.

Q: How does one become a prolific scholar?

A: You become a prolific scholar by […]