7 Measures of Project Success

How do you define a successful project? Primarily a project needs to deliver on few basic parameters such as:

Product of Project РThis can be a new service, a product or a repeatable process that sponsoring organization intends to use for strategic, operational or business advantage
Cost or Investment:¬†Meaning the budge allocated for the project should be met and […]


It is possible to measure virtually any activity in the program, but if the measurement does not support a key objective, it is not worth the cost of data collection and analysis.

– A caution in The Integrated Project Management Handbook, Dayton Aerospace Inc.

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Critical Concepts Applicable to All Project Success

Where are we going?
How are we going to get there?
Do we have enough time and money to make it?
What’s going to prevent us from showing up on time, on budget, and on specification?
How are we going to measure physical progress to plan?

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