Project Controls is the Basis of Project Management

Here are 11 activities that contribute to that goal [planning work and controlling cost] on the non-technical side of the project. The odd numbering system will be revealed at the end

1. Define the deliverables – what does the customer want? Do we know this at a level of detail so we and the customer will recognize it when it […]

Earned Value Management Training

There are many sources of Earned Value Management training. Some good, some not so good. Here is the training materials from Department of Energy, that is one of the better resources.

Module 1: Introduction to Earned Value Management
Module 2: Work Breakdown Structure
Module 3: Project Scheduling
Module 4: Budgeting
Module 5: EVMS Concepts and Methods
Module 6: Metrics, Performance Measuring and […]

Quote – Glen Alleman

When you separate the “doing” from the measurement of the doing, you start to establish credibility for the work.

From: Herding Cats: The Role of Program Planning and Controls […]