Unbreakable Rules for Project-based Work

  1. Know what you are doing: Make sure there is a project plan.
  2. Know why you are doing it: Make sure the objective is clearly defined.
  3. Be prudent, honest, and prepared: Few organizations have limitless budgets, prudence, honesty and common sense are critical.
  4. Plan to your strenghts: Make sure you have the right team for the project.
  5. Know how to navigate: Understand how to get things accomplished within your organization.
  6. Know how to communicate: Good communication skills are critical.  Project managers must communicate with team members, end users, and stakeholders.
  7. Know how to succeed: Project success should be clearly defined and understood.
  8. Know how to fail: There should also be a definition of what constitutes failure.
  9. Know when the project is over: Don’t let scope creep turn the project into the never ending story.
  10. Know how to learn: As the philosopher Santayana suggested, if we aren’t willing to learn from history, we are destined to repeat it.  I believe the ability to learn from experience is one of the most critical project management skills.

From: AtTask

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