Recommended Fonts for Presentations

  • Baskerville – cultured, dignified and just and admirable
  • Bodoni – elegant, subjective, both classic and modern
  • Caslon – dignified, formal, vigorous but graceful
  • Franklin Gothic – classic sans serif
  • Frutiger – strong, readable, simple, smooth
  • Futura – elgante sans serif
  • Garamond – classically elegant, adult
  • Gill Sans – sans serif font with a strong, warm and friendly personality
  • Helvetica – neutral without being boring, simple, contemporary
  • Optima – smooth, refined, calming, elegant, in my view, however, partially limited line width for presentations
  • Rockwell – owned, bold, confident

From: Warum ignorieren Sie Typographie in Präsentationen? Die wichtigsten Regeln!

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