Blog changes

After a long period of inactivity (and procrastination) I am firing the blog back up. The major change is a de-emphasis on categories, and the tagging of all posts. This will take a while as I work through the old posts to build a meaningful tag hierarchy. I have also decided to incorporate all my blogs together, so tags and categories will become more important to sort out my ramblings.

After upgrading WordPress from a (really) old version, I have turned comments back on. Hopefully I won’t be spammed to death like I was before. We’ll see…

Other stuff that I have planned in short order: I’m looking at how to incorporate books I want to read and books that I have recently read on the blog here. We’ll see what happens. I may also go back to the blogroll in the sidebar. I plan on reworking the reference lists, in particular adding the reference list from my dissertation. And I need to update my Firefox configuration, because it has changed radically.

More to come.

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