14 Resources for the Artistically Challenged

Christian Montoya » 14 Resources for the Artistically Challenged

You and I, we can’t do art. We just weren’t born with it. Remember art class? Sure, someone might have thought your work was special, but that was your mom. You were dealt some useless talent like math or programming, and visual design was something you always avoided. Your website is no different. It’s ugly and there is little you can do. You tell yourself everyday: “I’m not an artist. People will overlook that. They will still visit my ugly website. They will like me anyway.” Or maybe you make excuses. We’ve heard them all. “It’s an effective use of whitespace. It’s not for everyone. My website reflects who I am, even the bad parts.” But an ugly website is an ugly website, and if you can’t pay someone to design it for you, you might not be able to save it.

There is, however, hope. From one artistically challenged person to another, here are 14 resources that will help you make your site more attractive. These are not tutorials but rather images, patterns, and icons ready for use, and everything is free. I know you will like them because I use them too. So enough talking, and on with the links.

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