30 Boxes, Best… Calender… EVER!

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: 30 Boxes, Best… Calender… EVER!

Let the ajaxification of your life continue! Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with a group of bloggers and technologists for a discussion about how we use calendaring as well as view a preview of 83 Degree’s latest project 30 Boxes (you can’t get into the site now, but will be able to when they launch their public beta on Sunday). In attendance at yesterday’s meeting, in addition to myself, were Matt Mullenweg from WordPress, Mike Tatum from CNET, Niall Kennedy from Technorati, Lane Becker from Adaptive Path and Andy Baio and Gordon Luk from Upcoming.org. From 83 Degrees (the company bringing you 30 Boxes) were Julie Davidson, Narendra Rocherolle and Nick Widler.

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