Want to be a credible scheduler?

Another great pointer to references from Glen Alleman:

Here is a handbook for developing credible Integrated Master Schedules. There are many suggestions but this one comes from the place where schedules are critical.

Once you have your credible Integrated Master Schedule, you’re going to want to keep it that way and assess its credibility.

With these two documents, you’ll have a starting point for […]

Are We Done Yet? Program Hand-Off and Closure

Programs can often span many years from start to finish.  Completion for a program manager takes many levels and many forms.  When you think about it, there are four possible program closure scenarios you may need to address as a program manager.  Two of the scenarios are pretty good things and the other two address premature termination of […]

Project Controls is the Basis of Project Management

Here are 11 activities that contribute to that goal [planning work and controlling cost] on the non-technical side of the project. The odd numbering system will be revealed at the end

1. Define the deliverables – what does the customer want? Do we know this at a level of detail so we and the customer will recognize it when it […]

Earned Value Management Training

There are many sources of Earned Value Management training. Some good, some not so good. Here is the training materials from Department of Energy, that is one of the better resources.

Module 1: Introduction to Earned Value Management
Module 2: Work Breakdown Structure
Module 3: Project Scheduling
Module 4: Budgeting
Module 5: EVMS Concepts and Methods
Module 6: Metrics, Performance Measuring and […]

Unbreakable Rules for Project-based Work

Know what you are doing: Make sure there is a project plan.
Know why you are doing it: Make sure the objective is clearly defined.
Be prudent, honest, and prepared: Few organizations have limitless budgets, prudence, honesty and common sense are critical.
Plan to your strenghts: Make sure you have the right team for the project.
Know how to navigate: […]

Top Ten Project Management Blogs for March 2010

Here are my top ten sites for project management articles in March 2010.

PM Hut
Herding Cats
[tie] AtTask
[tie] LearningTree Project Management
[tie] Brighthub: Project Management
The Art of Project Management
[tie] PMO Expert
[tie] […]

Quote – Glen Alleman

When you separate the “doing” from the measurement of the doing, you start to establish credibility for the work.

From: Herding Cats: The Role of Program Planning and Controls […]

Recommended Fonts for Presentations

Baskerville – cultured, dignified and just and admirable
Bodoni – elegant, subjective, both classic and modern
Caslon – dignified, formal, vigorous but graceful
Franklin Gothic – classic sans serif
Frutiger – strong, readable, simple, smooth
Futura – elgante sans serif
Garamond – classically elegant, adult
Gill Sans – sans serif font with a strong, warm and friendly […]

Top Ten Project Management Blogs for February

Here are my top ten sites for project management articles in February 2010.

PM Hut
Brighthub: Project Management
[tie] Herding Cats[tie] AtTask
[tie] The Art of Project Management[tie] Rogue Project Leader[tie] […]

Quote – Derek Huether

Remember, there are two kinds of people – Project Managers, and everyone else who wish they were Project Managers.

From The […]

Quote – Nathalie Udo

Project management is not a popularity contest.

From The Disfavor of […]

Quote – Harvey Levine

The usefulness of the dashboard system is not in the display of colored lights, but in the precipitation of action to correct the deficiencies indicated by yellow and red […]

Quote – Glen Alleman

People, Processes, and Technology

Want to find the way to increase the probability of a project’s success? It’s not the tools – it’s the people.

I am currently working on a proposal response for a DoD agency RFP. I have been staring at this quote written on my whiteboard for almost two months. I believe it zeros right […]

Quote – Elizabeth Harrin

Some things need to be done right, others just need to […]

Quote – Terry Larimore

If you don’t know what success looks like for a particular project, you are too unclear to […]

Quote - Rita Mulcahy

Schedule and budget are not determined by management, they are approved by management. The project schedule and budget are determined by the […]