A Checklist for Team Readiness

Just because the plan seems complete and you think you’re ready to go doesn’t necessarily mean that you are. Apparently small details left unattended as the project is poised for execution can become the source of re-work, frustration, delays, conflict and dysfunctional team behaviors later on in the project.

16 Team Readiness Checks

Here are some of those often forgotten pre-launch checks:

  1. Have the overall project objective and scope boundaries been shared with all team members? 
  2. Have all known gaps in resource expertise been resolved? 
  3. Have clear roles and responsibilities been defined for each individual? 
  4. Has real availability been validated with each team member and relevant line managers? 
  5. Have time and effort estimates involved input from the team? 
  6. Have the team agreed on who owns which deliverables
  7. Have those owners specified completion criteria for each of their deliverables? 
  8. Is the team aligned on deadlines, dependencies, constraints and risks? 
  9. Is the project team ready, willing and able to execute the project according to the baseline plan? 
  10. Have initial work priorities been communicated to the project team? 
  11. Has a procedure for issuing weekly WBS task lists, actions and priorities to the team been set? 
  12. Is the team aware of which tasks are critical and will actual slack values be communicated to task owners each week? 
  13. Has the team been informed of how and when they should provide status updates? 
  14. Has the team been involved in identifying risks and formulating response strategies
  15. Have procedures for raising, escalating and resolving issues been defined and communicated? 
  16. Does the team know how often project review meetings will be held and who should attend?

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