Golden rules of project management

Google translation from Meine goldenen Regeln des Projektmanagements

My golden rules of project management

Hi All,

Recently I have reported in our company intranet on the golden rules of project management.

Each rule, I could not agree more! Stable project team, good planning and controlling, clear structures and authenticity are crucial. I still think it would add a few personal issues and experiences, rather than practical tips rather than a theoretical treatise:

Tell me how your project starts and I’ll tell you how it ends. This saying is just right: the foundations of a project is built at the beginning of the project: goal definition, project structuring, team composition, organization, … There are many factors that need to be carefully considered and planned. Of course, changing every single point in each course of the project – but it’s much easier to adapt an existing plan as erstmal create a plan and the existing way to rebuild it reinpasst in this plan.

Complexity can not be reduced by simplifying, but only by understanding. The customer has high standards and precise ideas, he has complex business processes, which he wants to make using the solution to be created by us effitzienter. Our goal again is the successful and efficient completion of the project. Therefore, we must understand the customer! And although widely as possible. Only in this way we are able to map its processes and IT needs of technically successful.

Projects are successful because of motivated people – so treat them well! A stable and well-functioning project team is the key to the success of a project. Therefore, each project should have a special attention on how each individual and the team goes as a whole. Keywords: feelgood factor!

A pragmatic approach is able to react flexibly to changes in the project. Less Organization, more common sense. Simple ways to target search and go. Has a direct influence on “Fit to the budget. Pragmatic – one of my favorite words.

Project work must take place across phase. Not only the current phase (task, activity, task, process, …) is make it supergut, but also the future. Therefore, every project must have not only its own task in mind, but also the subsequent ones. At best, the next phase. Example: The design team does a great job and designed the egg-laying Wollmichsau 2.0. However, the customer is not so much budget, so that the implementation is beyond the budget. That brings the entire project team in trouble, because you must realize this is now the customer. Stupid also …

Fit to budget. We are perfectionists and want to offer our customers the best. And thus prove our competence and therefore obviously do a great job. AAAAB: It helps us all, not if this is exceeded the budget – because we can not permanently exist in the market. Therefore, some services must be adapted to the budget – even if it often hurts.

Organization is half the battle – but goal-oriented organization is more efficient. This fits at first glance, not quite … but the more pragmatic middle ground is what matters! Protocols Leave: Yes! Use e-mail distribution list: Yes! Maintain wiki pages: Yes! Documentation: Yes! But please, with little formality – and above all, targeted and effective!

While paper is patient – but also constantly! Unpopular with everyone -) except for some (larger customers. The final touch of a successful project for me is a documentary that reads the customer actually uses and. Everything else is for the ton. And should therefore not only not be produced. A documentary also stores the knowledge permanently and keeps the knowledge in the company. In many projects, the document will rausgezögert but until the end, and then the last the dogs bite: He has to document the last six months project work. My experience to create: The documentation at the beginning of a project as a blank document and not be weary in Stand-Up/Projektmeeting colleagues point out the findings of recent days hold it in writing. This must indeed not be the same in prose, yes, it goes even a small comment with words of the author. Later, this can then be formulated and provided with consultingmäßig Pictures. Works great for user manuals!
Well, now it is a longer post now .. Is also an important issue. I hope I could give you some food for thought. Who wants to read yet – I have a few (not considered qualified) compiled sources: E2% 80% 9E12-golden-rules-successful project management /

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