Twitter posts for January 2010

Reading: Project Risk: Is It All Bad? #PMOT
RT @ericfdouglas: Never mistake activity for achievement. #PMOT
RT @califgirl232: Project Certifications Matter..Why? Customers want experienced credentialed PMs | #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Navy Seals are Project Managers #PMOT
Reading: Is Project Management a Core Skill and No Longer a Niche Capability? #PMOT
Reading: AtTask – Successful Project-Based Work is Lead Not Managed
“What is the diff between a PM and a used car salesman? The used car salesman always knows when he is lying.” #PMOT
“Project management is not a popularity contest.”
Reading: Why Project Scheduling Must Not Become an Extinct Science – PM Hut #PMOT
Reading: AtTask – Proactive vs Reactive Project Management #PMOT
Reading: How Leaders Should Think Critically – John Baldoni – Harvard Business Review #PMOT
Reading: Are You Committing Leadership Malpractice? – Susan Cramm – Harvard Business Review #PMOT
Reading: Rogue Press #PMOT
Reading: 8 Tips for an Effective Status Report #PMOT
Reading: Are You a Productive Person? Look at the Number of People Who Are Waiting On You to Get Back to Them #PMOT
Reading: What is the Portfolio Project Management Process? #PMOT
Reading: What Are Quality Management Tools? #PMOT
Reading: Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: What Your Group Needs to Become Extraordinary #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Better Estimating is the Solution to Poor Estimating #PMOT
Reading: The influence of related disciplines on project management practice « Eight to Late #PMOT
Reading: Better Projects: BA tools stink, part 1 #PMOT
Reading: Another Riff on Communication « #PMOT
Reading: Project Vision, Requirements, and Estimation – PM Hut #PMOT
Reading: Papercut / – Assumptions, Risks, and Issues #PMOT
Reading: So what are you “doing” about risk? « Shift Happens! #PMOT
Reading: Project Team Emotional Intelligence | quantmleap #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Sticky Notes and Other Ways To Capture The Project’s Baseline #PMOT
50% of all project managers are below average! #PMOT
Reading: Metrics That Matter for 2010 | Life Beyond Code #PMOT
Reading: I2I – Incentive Intelligence: Motivation And The Theory Of Everything #PMOT
Reading: The tool does not make the project manager | CIO – Blogs and Discussion #PMOT
Reading: Planning is a social process! « Mosaicproject’s Blog #PMOT
Reading: Stakeholders and Change Management « Mosaicproject’s Blog #PMOT
Reading: Project Methodology Brings Focus | #PMOT
Reading: What is Project Management Best Practice? | Virtual Project Management Consulting #PMOT
Reading: Seven Ways to Flunk a Job Interview | BNET
Reading: Pros and Cons of Critical Path Method #pmot
New issue available: STSC CrossTalk – Jan/Feb 2010 Issue Some good #PMOT material
George Patton: A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: risk management and RISK MANAGEMENT #pmot
I like #3: ProjectSteps: Project Don’ts #PMOT
Reading: How to Manage Your Inner Critic – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review #PMOT
Reading: 19 Reasons Why Project Management Is Useless « Dr. John A. Estrella’s Blog #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: The Seven Principles Of Project Performance Management #PMOT
Reading: The Real Reasons Behind the Methodology Wars #pmot

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