Twitter posts for December 2009

Reading: Certified vs Competent – PM Hut #PMOT
Reading: Project Management Certifications Compared- A Preliminary Comparison | pmStudent #PMOT
Reading: Weak Matrix Syndrome | Kareem’s Blog #PMOT
I’m still upset it’s no longer daily: Best. Gift. Ever.
Reading: Project Management Best Practices  » Contribute to the Project Management Knowledge Base #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: What is Project Management? #PMOT
Great podcast w/ @pmstudent: is the wbs just… bs? | The Project Management Podcast #pmot
Reading: Herding Cats: Deconstructing the PM 2.0 Description #PMOT
Reading: Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: Is Business Just About Making Money? #PMOT
Reading: Why your boss is incompetent – life – 17 December 2009 – New Scientist #pmot
Reading: Resistance to Change: What Forms Does it Take? #pmot
Lessons for #PMOT: How To Rise Fast At Work: A True Story –
Reading: Better Risk Management With PRINCE2 #PMOT
Reading: The Cultural Dimension of Stakeholder Management « Mosaicproject’s Blog #PMOT
Reading: Dennis Stevens » Project Conversations-Shared Understanding #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: The Toyota Way on PM Technology #PMOT
Reading: The Version of Record:  What Is It and Does It Matter? #pmot
Reading: Herding Cats: The Ideal PM Tool Set #PMOT
Reading: Achieving Effective Acquisition of Information Technology in the Department of Defense #PMOT
Reading: Everything is a project, even this « Scott Berkun #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Why I’m a Cynic About PM Products #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Project Management Processes #PMOT
Reading: Collaborative Thinking: Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 Social Software #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Not Your Fathers Iron Triangle #PMOT
Reading: A Minimalist’s Approach to Project Metrics – PM Hut #PMOT
What I Like: Tom Bihn Synapse | Gear Diary
Reading: Visualising content and context using issue maps « Eight to Late #PMOT
Reading: AtTask – Managing Project Objectives: Seeing the Forest For the Trees #PMOT
Reading: Leveraging Your Strengths When Building Your Project Team #PMOT
Funny: 12 Job-Killing References – Intelligence #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: The Basis of Project Success #PMOT
Reading: Root Cause Analysis #PMOT
Reading: AtTask – Accelerate Through the Curves: Racing Strategy and Project Management #PMOT
Reading: Program versus Project Management | CIO – Blogs and Discussion #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Is My Project On Schedule? #PMOT
Comment: Instead, how about a vote for best blogs speaking Project Management reality? #PMOT
Reading: Communication And Project Leadership: The 2009 Model  Project Shrink #pmot
Reading: Eight Causes of Project Failure – PM Hut #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Quote of the Day #PMOT
Reading: How to Recover from Unacceptable Variances Arising from the Project Plan – PM Hut #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: What is a Concept of Operations? #PMOT
Reading: What Is Project Success? | Virtual Project Management Consulting #PMOT
Reading: Zen, Project Management, and Life: Are you in debt? #PMOT
Comment on: @StevenBLevy Should Employees Vote on Business Decisions? | No Secret #PMOT
Reading: Overview of Program Management #PMOT
Reading: The effect of task duration correlations on project schedules – a study using Monte Carlo simulation #PMOT
Reading: Why We Don’t Care About Information Overload – Tom Davenport – #PMOT
Reading: AtTask – 4 Keys to Managing Stakeholders #PMOT
Reading: 72 Project Management Tips #PMOT
Reading: Parkinson’s Law and Project Scheduling #PMOT
Reading: Leading Agile: Who Cares About Value? #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Why is it so hard? #PMOT
Reading: Swimming in Data? Three Benefits of Visualization – John Sviokla – #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: Where’s the PM in PM 2.0? #PMOT
Reading: Herding Cats: The Dinosaurs Didn’t See It Come #pmot
Reading: Identifying Risks – Who is that Person? « Shift Happens! #PMOT
Reading: Dennis Stevens » Project Conversations-Overview #pmot
Reading: What Do Project Managers and Tiger Woods Have In Common? | UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley #pmot
Reading: MindMapping – What It Can Do For You #PMOT
Reading: The Lazy Manager Theory « Organizations and Markets #pmot
Recommended: Reduce Interventions: Mess Less With Your Team  Project Shrink #pmot
Reading:Cybernetic Control – Project Control Techniques – PM Hut #pmot
Reading: Management Craft: Accountability versus Ownership – 2 Different Systems! #pmot
Reading: AtTask – The Project Management Triple Constraint – do you manage it or does it manage you? #pmot
Reading: Scope crêpe: Looking past “The End of the Beginning” #pmot
Reading: Comparing Box Plots and Histograms – Which is the Better Tool? #pmot
Reading: Management ? Business – The Personal MBA ™ #pmot
Herding Cats: Why the Performance Measurement Baseline is the basis of project success #pmot
Reading: Project Management is Optional!?! « Mosaicproject’s Blog #pmot
Reading: Project Managers Need to Understand Queuing Theory #pmot
Reading: Walter, Sarah and the 5 Whys | Agile Blog: Scaling Software Agility #pmot
Reading: Herding Cats: The Whole Brain Look at Project Management #pmot

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