Twitter posts for November 2009

Reading: Setting and Managing Expectations | Mike Cohn’s Blog – Succeeding With Agile® #pmot
Reading: Quote – Harvey Levine #pmot
Herding Cats: Can this really be true? #PMOT
Planning Is Not A Project Life-cycle Phase – PM Hut #PMOT
Leadership Series: Oh, I get it – it’s all about Leadership OR that PMP is not Enough « Preventing Project Failure
Reading: Complex Decision Making Explained « Mosaicproject’s Blog
Reading: BOSCARD (Terms of Reference) #PMOT
Reading: What IS Your Risk Management Philosophy? #PMOT
Reading: Implementation Preparation #pmot
61 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For – Lifehacker
Herding Cats: PM 2.0 version 2 #PMOT
The Project Quality Assurance Role #pmot
APA Style Blog: Books That Provoke Our Thanks
Reasons and rationales for not managing risks on IT projects – a paper review « Eight to Late #pmot
Reading: AtTask – Project management and social media – a deeper look #pmot
Reading: Human Factors and Risk Management: What Considerations Must Be Made? #pmot
Reading: Project Management 2.0: New Definition #pmot
Overview of Game Theory and Its Use in Project Management #pmot
Herding Cats: Project Management Books #pmot
Herding Cats: PM Insight Newletter
Reading: The Project Scope Is King – PM Hut #pmot
A Cynical Perspective on Project Management #pmot
Schedule Density « Mosaicproject’s Blog #pmot
on getting a divorce from Microsoft «
BAs and PMs working together (part 2) | A Girl’s Guide to Project Management
Monday Morning Links – 23rd November : How to Manage a Camel – Project Management and Recruitment
Herding Cats: Project Success Starts with Project Governance #pmot
Reading: Herding Cats: Capabilities Based Planning #pmot
Leading Agile: Managing to the Constraint #pmot
Reading: Herding Cats: Help Wanted
Reading: Great Sponsor + Great PM = Great Success: Ten Truths of an Effective Sponsor/PM Partnership
The Ten Uglies of Project Management – PM Hut
Reading: APA Style Blog: The Three Rs of APA Style, Part 3
All about Project Management Offices: The Agile PMO #PMOT
11 Things Every New Project Manager Ought to Know –
Reading: Brainstorm – 5 Things Professors Don’t Know: First of a Series – The Chronicle of Higher Education
Reading: APA Style Blog: The Three Rs of APA Style, Part 2
Reading: Planet Project: 7 Habits of Effective Risk Managers
Reading: APA Style Blog: The Three Rs of APA Style, Part 1
Dear Project Manager: Why Should Anyone Want To Work For You?
Reading: Herding Cats: Connecting Business Strategy to Project Execution
Reading: Stevey’s Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile
Reading: The Perils of Proceeding Without Project Sign-off – PM Hut
Herding Cats: A Process Framework for Increasing the Probability of Project Success
The Probability of Chance « Mosaicproject’s Blog
What It Takes to Lead Now – John Baldoni –
Strategies for Managing a Mobile Team
Microsoft Project Team Blog : Project 2010: Introducing Demand Management
Reading: 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership
Reading: 4 Easy Steps to Being Accessible or How to Get Great Aura « Preventing Project Failure
Posted: Quote – Glen Alleman
Reading: Leading Agile: What We Call Stuff Matters…
Reading: Tools for Project Success

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