SMART goals? Nope. How about STUPID goals?

Long ago, Deming warned managers of target setting through his 11th point of leadership: “Eliminate numerical goals, numerical quotas and management by objectives. Substitute leadership.”

So, if SMART goals are stupid, let me introduce you to STUPID goals:

Sincere: attack issues you really care about. Don’t waste time where is heart isn’t
Transparent: you likely won’t achieve big things alone. Make your goal as much visible as possible so others know how they can help you
Unique: your worth depends on the assets no one else has. Cultivate those
Preeminent: focus on outstanding things to have outstanding impact
Independent: reaching a goal is hard enough, don’t tangle them together
Daring: be courageous, and push beyond your limit

Once set, let flourish.

Revise when necessary.

From: Running Agile

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