End of project questions

ProjectSteps: End of Project Review/Audit Questions

Project Audit Questions

The project audit questions are broken into four topic categories: project management practice, critical incidents, project results and suggestions for the future. These questions cover the major categories of importance for most projects. However, if for a particular project an important category is missed, additional questions can be proposed by team members. Individuals should first answer all the questions in this section, and then analyze those with a “No” answer.

  1. Project Management Practice
    1. Was the project goal clear?
    2. Was a core team established?
    3. If yes, did it remain together for the entire project?
    4. Was a detailed project plan developed?
    5. If yes, did the core team participate in developing it?
    6. Did the plan cover the entire process from concept to customer?
    7. Was the project deadline truly negotiated with the project sponsors?
    8. Were core team members made aware of the benefits of the project
      1. for themselves?
      2. for the organization?
    9. Were core team members continually aware of what was expected of them?
    10. and when it was expected?
    11. Did the top management support the project throughout its duration?
    12. Was the customer or end user (or customer representative group) involved early in the project?
    13. Was the customer always fully informed of:
      1. project progress?
      2. project changes?
      3. project setbacks or failures?
      4. project delays?
    14. Were customer expectations
      1. solicited?
      2. included?
      3. met?
      4. exceeded?
    15. Was project communication sufficient?
    16. Were meetings held regularly?
    17. Was timely project information readily available?
    18. Did team members know who to contact if there was a delay or other problem?
    19. Did the core team meet regularly with:
      1. top management?
      2. customer(s)?
      3. contributing department managers?
      4. other interested parties?
    20. Did the project have a detailed budget?
    21. Was it a help during the project?
    22. Now review those questions with a “No” answer. What problems do you think may have been generated by the lack of that factor? What could you, or did you, do to rectify those problems?
    23. What changes or procedures would you recommend for future projects?
  2. Critical incidents
    1. Were there things on the project that seemed to go wrong due to a variety of outside forces? Describe these critical incidents. What could have been done (e.g. what signal heeded, data tallied or meetings held) to avoid or minimize these incidents? What do you recommend for future projects?
  3. Project results
    1. How well do project results relate to the original plan?
    2. What were the major deviations from the original plan?
    3. Of the major deviations listed, which ones were caused by:
      1. lack of planning or planning technique skill.
      2. lack of foresight, not seeing entire project process.
      3. change in technology.
      4. change in customer specification or expectation.
      5. “random” events.

What suggestions would you make to help minimize deviations? What suggestions would you make to help discover necessary product changes faster, more in the beginning of the project when making changes is much cheaper?

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